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        n the olden times the oil lamp (lucerna) used to be the principal source of illumination. It was used not only in private houses, but also as a form of public lighting.

Beyond its obvious function, oil lamps were also a symbol of good luck; and for this reason shapes, material and sizes were endless.

The name of our farm is not however a tribute to the object, but to the Etruscan city of Lucerna. Lucerna was a vital commercial junction. It dominated the shores of the Prile Lake, and its lighthouse guided ancient Etruscan mariners returning from the Tyrrhenian Sea. Your stay on our farm will give you a chance to enjoy our breathtaking beaches and crystal-clear sea and to explore Etruscan and Roman ruins like Vetulonia or Roselle which are only a short distance away.
Agriturismo Lucerna del Lago Prile
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